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Horse Farm – Your Horses, your Ranch, your Horse Game

Do you like horses and ponies? Then you’ve come to the right place with Horse Farm, the free-to-play horse browser game. In this game, your new home is in the middle of the horse farm. The game is not just about horse and rider, there are many exciting adventures, quests and challenges waiting for you.
After the start of the game you land on a large, green meadow. Start building your new horse farm immediately. Build a stable and a barn, buy your first horse and bring it to your stables in the newly built stable. Then open your farm to paying guests who would like to ride horses. So that they can stay overnight, you quickly build a lodge for them. If your guests are hungry or thirsty, set up a traditional rider’s parlor with exquisite dishes. Don’t forget to take care of your horses and accept the first quest on the information board.

Little by little, your stables in Horse Farm will fill up with horses, buildings, decorations (trees, plants, benches, lanterns, etc.) and guests. You now manage a flourishing horse farm that would like to be expanded. Face the new tasks and challenges.

Some features of Horse Farm:

  • Playable for free in the browser without software installation
  • Take care of your horses
  • Take care of the guests of your riding stable
  • start a horse breeding (Hanoverian, Arabian, Appaloosa, Quarter Horse and Shetland Ponies)
  • construct new buildings
  • Beautify your horse farm with countless decorations
  • gradually expand your farm
  • earn money with the guests
  • complete quests
  • play seasonal events
  • participate in tournaments
  • unlock new features over time
  • the game is constantly being expanded with new features with new updates
  • and much more

Let yourself be enchanted by the cute, exciting and varied horse game Horse Farm. Build your own riding stable now, expand it according to your ideas, buy horses or start your own breeding and take care of the guests of your farm. Horse Farm might inspire you too, because it’s a game for young and old alike.
Start now in the online horse game Horse Farm.

Play Horse Farm now

Horse Farm
The horse game Horse Farm is a successful combination of animal game, development game and economic simulation. It's really worth playing, because it offers variety for a few hours, with great fun.
beautiful graphics
fancy genre
great fun
Play Horse Farm now

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