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Zoo2: Animal Park

Starting the game Zoo2: Animal Park can be challenging for new players. You need to save your aunt Trude’s zoo, a wildlife park, and you have a lot of different enclosures, decorations, employees, experience points, and visitors at your disposal. Come up with a strategy and get started.

Don’t forget to complete the quests in Zoo2: Animal Park. You will receive gold coins, items, and experience points for completing them. With experience points, you can level up faster and get better rewards for the next quests. With gold coins, you can specifically buy what you need for your wildlife park to improve visitor numbers and thus increase revenue in the long term.

On the topic of visitors: Your daily visitors not only bring money into your empty cash register, but also tell you what they don’t like, what they miss, and what’s great. Listen to your visitors and your wildlife park will be successful faster.

Decorate your wildlife park in Zoo2: Animal Park in such a way that its attractiveness increases steadily. However, this is not so easy, because the space in your wildlife park is limited. Make the best of it, decorate with strategy and thus increase the flow of visitors.

A special feature of Zoo2: Animal Park is making friends with other players. Use this feature, because every time your friends level up, they receive a level-up gift and so do you!

Here are some important features of Zoo2: Animal Park:

  • Cross-platform for iOS, Android and Browser (PC)
  • Released in 04/2018
  • Building simulation with many story twists
  • Free to play
  • No client installation required
  • 3D graphics (the game is rotatable 360 degrees and can be zoomed in and out continuously)
  • lovingly animated animals
  • make friends with other players
  • daily login gift
  • use the variety of enclosures, decorations, items, animals, map parts, tickets, etc. optimally in your wildlife park
  • You can pet and cuddle your animals for more happiness

Take on the challenge, play Zoo2: Animal Park now and manage your own zoo. In the first 48 hours of the game, you have to manage to attract new, paying visitors to the wildlife park. If you do not generate any income, the land will be sold and the wildlife park closed. But don’t worry, you can do it easily.

For all players who have already had experience with other zoo games from upjers, such as My Fantastic Park or My Free Zoo, it is easy to find their way around the browser game. All others are introduced to the zoo game with the help of the introductory tutorial.

Start your new career as a zoo manager now in the free zoo browser game Zoo2: Animal Park. Have fun!

Play Zoo2: Animal Park now

Zoo2: Animal Park
A fun, exciting and varied zoo game. A game for the whole family.
Beautiful graphics
Many tasks
Community feature
Free to play
In-app purchases possible

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