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The browser based online game Kapi Hospital! The totally mad hospital simulation Kapi Hospital is all about crazy diseases and equally whacky treat-ments.

Your very own hospital. Patients with strange diseases, and alternative medicine you’ve never seen before: the first economic simulation situated in a hospital! Click and register! Please check the game description about possible risks and side effects, or ask your physician or pharmacist for screenshots.
New players enter the game as Professor Fluffling’s trainees. The Professor is one of the best medics worldwide. Unfortunately one of his best friends fell prey to the evil Dr Knievel’s intrigues, and had to close his beautiful hospital. It’s the players’ job to run the hospital in his stead now, and nurse all patients back to health.
First, the hospital needs to be decluttered, and equipped with a variety of treatment rooms. Expanding a hospital costs money, which is gained by treating patients. Each disease can be cured with a matching remedy. It’s not your run-of-the-mill, every day diseases players treat here, though: from standard split ends to slightly more exotic diseases such as battyness, couch potato plight or unicornea; no disease is strange enough to remain untreated in this crazy hospital. On top of that, the game keeps offering the players new quests, which they’ll be able to complete.

  • Kapi Hospital – from: The Great Medical Encyclopedia. A specialist guidebook for medical emergencies in all walks of life.
  • KapiHospital, the or your [lat. Kapius hospitalionis, in English: the medical form of a free online game]:
  • Kapi Hospital is a free browser game, playable any time (just as all other free online games from upjers) in your browser, without any downloads.

A cursory glance shows this browser-game to be distinguished by a carefully crafted hospital-setting with simulations of wheezing patients, numerous different sickrooms, and several towns with a wide range of features. On delving deeper into this extraordinary phenomenon called Kapi Hospital, a few further noteworthy features will come to light, such as: the treatment of unusual diseases, as well as the provision and administration of alternative pharmaceuticals. Apart from this, evolutionary research is just waiting to be conducted and ambulances will have to be dispatched on non-stop-questing-duty. Aliens on patients-abducting-sprees, cleaning squads obsessed with tidying, aliens abducting patients, and brawny builders help to additionally cause acute game frenzy.

The so-called “gaming fun” is a well-documented and frequent side-effect of Kapi Hospital, caused directly by the catchy game-design of this economy simulation. Those possessed by acute gaming frenzy also tend to refer to the high-quality graphics that together with meticulous attention to details make this hospital game one of a kind.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients of a characteristic Kapi Hospital:

  • 18 different sickrooms
  • More than 114 diseases
  • More than 114 remedies
  • 2 towns
  • sneezing patients, diagnosing white coats, friendly nurses
  • countless emergency operations
  • Become chief physician and attend to your patients!
  • Treat funny diseases with unusual remedies
  • Play for free and without any downloads

Treat crazy patients!
Patients suffering from bullfrog burbs or barfritis will turn to you here – because you are the only one who knows the perfect remedy for every ailment! Humorous and bustling with funny characters, this free browser game makes you head of your very own clinic. Of course you’re not on your own there: a caring nurse will take your patients’ temperature and change their bandages, a busy cleaning lady will uphold your hospital’s hygienic standards with an iron… erm… mop, while nurse Olga keeps track of all incoming and outgoing patients.

Expand your hospital!
Clear your clinic of all useless lumber and build X-ray and EEG rooms! Brawny builders will take care of all construction works and Professor Fluffling – the wise mentor of this online game – will always come to your aid and offer his advice.

Work hand in hand with others!
Kapi Hospital is haunted by mischievous Dr. Knievel who sends out alien armadas to abduct patients! Stick together and found doctors’ associations to coordinate your actions and collect donations for various in-game-contests: This browser-game is all about the community.

Gaming fun for everyone!
The beauty is in the details: Bustling animations make your online hospital come to life, and you’ll turn from hospital-management-newbie to a veritable expert in treating weird diseases and mad patients in no time. There is so much to discover – join up and play Kapi Hospital without any downloads, directly in your browser!

Evil Dr. Knievel causes mischief on Kapi Hospital, and sends aliens to abduct patients! Together with their fellow players, the virtual doctors may form doctors’ associations, to align strategies and gather items to compete at contests. The community is a highly important part of Kapi Hospital.

Create your very own hospital in the free browser based online game Kapi Hospital and become the greatest Medical Director of all times! You consider hospital games and economic simulations to be much too dry and no fun at all? Well, then give this free online game a try, and you will discover an exciting, entertaining and funny simulation that is simply one of a kind: Funny, witty, colorful and a great deal of fun – join the fantastic community and see for yourself!

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Kapi Hospital
Kapi Hospital is a free browser game that puts you in the virtual world of a hospital with all its side effects. Amusing illnesses and entertaining opportunities for action make everyday life easier. After logging in, you will immediately be put on your doctor's coat and you are immediately responsible for a practice and its patients, who have to be treated, cured and, of course, paid for.
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